Social Media

If you’re not currently marketing your company on social media then you’re missing a large portion of your potential customers!

The world has changed, and you need to ensure that your online, social brand is as prominent as a traditional marketing campaign. You need to communicate your brand, explain your values, and build deep, immersive relationships with customers and non-customers alike. Just updating your page now and then is not enough! To engage with this (huge!) market you need to understand your customers, and provide relevant, useful and interesting information, constantly.

Magnetizmo can make this admittedly somewhat intimidating market approachable and profitable for you. Whether you need help managing your Twitter account or sharing your product and services on Facebook, we can help.

  • We can provide daily updates to your Account containing topical information, links to your blog, special offers etc.
  • We will reply to comments and tweets, increasing engagement immensely.
  • We track and report traffic and engagement to show you how well things are performing.
  • The bottom line is we will bring in more leads, more customers and more money for your organisation.

We offer a number of packages to help your business enter the social marketing realm in style. Simply contact us now!

We can manage any of the following accounts for you: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Pinterest