Shopify Stores Can Now Sell Products in Facebook Messenger

You may have noticed Facebook and Shopify are getting pretty cosy these days. The biggest name in social media wants to claim its place in eCommerce and it obviously thinks Shopify is the platform to use.

We’ve had Facebook Shopify pages for the last couple of years now and, more recently, the ability to connect directly with shoppers via Facebook Messenger. Things are getting interesting indeed, but Facebook isn’t done yet – because now you can sell products while talking to would-be consumers inside the Messenger app.

Facebook and Shopify: changing the way people buy products

Facebook is one of the leading names behind chatbot technology – automated messaging between brands and online consumers. So it’s fair to say the network sees the future of eCommerce taking place inside messaging apps. And it’s not the only one.

The days of people having to browse through websites and trawl through products categories care coming to an end.

The benefit for online brands is you get to connect with consumers on an individual basis, target them with personal messages and collect data on a more intimate level. Which is basically everything the modern retailer wants from consumers – aside from the actual purchase itself.

For the user, there’s a customised shopping experience that gradually learns what they need and like. Your own digital tailor knows your sizes, tastes and typical budget – all of which can refine the products you see.

Speed is also a key factor here and reducing barriers between viewing products and buying them.

Personalised messaging is finally here

We’ve been talking about the importance of personalised, targeted content in the marketing community for years already. The problem is we don’t really have the technology to pull it off yet. Things are changing fast, though, and Facebook is among the first to open up this kind of platform to online retailers.

With Facebook and Shopify, you can keep your customers updated on order and delivery statuses. These personal touches make a big difference on the customer service side of things and get you off to a good start with building brand loyalty.

This has been possibly on Shopify for more than a year, though. The difference now is that shoppers can now start the conversation with you – either opting for an automated shopping experience or sending you customised messages when they need a more specific answer.

It works both ways, too. You can send highly-focused, targeted messages – all based on what you know about individual consumers. You know what products these people are interested in and now you can reach out to them directly.

So Facebook’s relationship with Shopify is creating new ways for brands and consumers to interact. You don’t actually need Shopify user to bring these features to your online brand, of course. You can do this with Facebook Messenger or other chatbot providers, like KIK.

However, Shopify store owners get the key benefit of everything being fully set up and ready to use. A new kind of way to interact with consumers, target them individually and sell products is only a few clicks away.

If you want more info about Shopify and Facebook Messenger, you can find it here – or get in touch if you want to learn more about the future of chatbots in online retail.


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