Monthly Management

We offer ongoing management of your AdWords or other pay-per-click campaigns. We will use our extensive industry experience to your advantage, maximising growth and optimising your account to improve its performance and efficiency.

Better still, the monthly fee for this will cost you considerably less than hiring a specialist as a full time employee.

Once we have carried out the PPC Audit of your account and you are happy with the report and recommendations, we can provide the following services as part of an ongoing monthly management arrangement. 

We will regularly monitor your account(s) to track performance and ensure continued improvement. This will provide the data we need to change bids effectively when required, and will give you peace of mind that everything is being handled effectively, and giving you time to attend to other aspects of your business. 

If you are already using Google AdWords but need to see some improvements, we will happily restructure your campaign based on the results of your free audit. Most of our clients start seeing results almost immediately. 

As part of any monthly management arrangement, we will identify any ads that are not performing and will re-write them using attention grabbing copy which will improve both their quality score and result in an improved return on investment. We always split test the ads and monitor which ones are performing best, which drives steady, constant improvement in your campaign’s performance. 

Keyword research is a continual process. By closely monitoring the search query reports and other tools, new keywords and negative keywords can be identified regularly. We have access to powerful tools which will not only identify the keywords and ad strategy that your key competitors are using, but also help choose the best strategy to outperform them. 

If you don’t know how effective your PPC campaign is, it’s an even bet that it is underperforming. We offer ongoing support of all PPC initiatives, including reporting, analysis and optimisation.