Linkedin Advertising

Magnetizmo can help you make the most of LinkedIn’s powerful networking opportunities.

Social media has been a real game-changer, but never more so than in how we do business! LinkedIn has just celebrated its eleventh year in operation, and it now has nearly 260 million users in some 200 countries around the world. Do you have a LinkedIn profile, and is it doing everything it can for you?

So how do I make LinkedIn work for me?

There are a few tricks to really reaching your target audience on a platform like LinkedIn, ones that most users don’t have the time or opportunity to learn or to put into practice. Magnetizmo can give you the right kind of LinkedIn profile and content, and then help get the word out about it quickly.

We’ll design an entire LinkedIn Marketing Campaign with your specific needs in mind, and make sure it generates real, relevant traffic for you – traffic that turns into paying customers and clients.

Experience leads to results.

Social media marketing isn’t magic. It is based on firm scientific principles and years of observation. Magnetizmo has been a part of the social media and social marketing movement practically from day one, and we know how to make these sites direct traffic – and money – your way.

Setting up your profile is just the beginning. We excel in providing ongoing account and content management. That is what really brings in business, and keeps it flowing year on year. If you prefer to manage your LinkedIn campaign yourself, we even offer training to put you in the driver’s seat right away.

LinkedIn Advertising

  • Market Analysis
  • Defining Objectives
  • Understanding Your Competition
  • How To Use Images
  • Reporting and Understanding Your Results

All for only £350pm

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Our LinkedIn marketing package explained:

  • Target Market Analysis – We help you find and target your market scientifically, the first step in getting your message across.
  • Defining Objectives – Understanding what you want your campaign to do is vital! Magnetizmo can help you set realistic objectives for it.
  • The Competition – By identifying and understanding your competitors you can learn what is already working, and not working, in your market.
  • Using Images –  Words are powerful, but the images you choose convey a huge amount about your brand and your business. We can help you choose wisely.
  • Reporting and Metrics – We offer regular reporting on how well things are going, and help understanding what they mean.

Why you need Magnetizmo

A good advertising campaign can make a business profitable, but a bad one is just a money pit. Magnetizmo is both passionate and experienced, and we know how to turn a LinkedIn or other social media campaign into a real revenue stream for almost any company, not just a costly experiment.

The real heart of Magentizmo is Zara Imrie who is an expert social marketer with more than 15 years of business experience. She holds an MBA and is a qualified accountant. She not only knows marketing, she knows how it fits in to a business, and what can happen when it isn’t done right.