Facebook Advertising

Magnetizmo makes Facebook advertising easy.

We all know that social media has completely changed the way the internet does business. With more than a billion active users, Facebook is a huge market just by itself, and one you simply can’t afford to ignore.

But how do I advertise effectively on Facebook?

That is where so many small businesses falter. Facebook requires a unique set of skills to use effectively for marketing. Only the larger firms can hire a full-time social media marketing team. That is where Magnetizmo comes in.

We will create a brand new Facebook Marketing Campaign, designed specifically for your business needs. We know exactly what it takes to maximise click through while minimising the cost for your business.

Proven, scientific techniques

Marketing isn’t just an art, it is a science. We offer a full range of services designed to hone your Facebook campaign to a razor’s edge, including custom audience targeting and split testing techniques.

But we don’t stop with set up. We specialise in providing ongoing management and administration to keep the customers coming in whilst you keep on doing what you do best. Of course, if you wish to manage the campaign yourself we can provide training sessions to help you get started right away.

Facebook Advertising

  • Target Market
  • Objectives
  • Competitors
  • Images
  • Ad Group
  • Reporting

All for only £350pm

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Below is a full breakdown of our Facebook marketing package.

  • Target Market – We will help you target your ideal market using demographics and interest analysis.
  • Objectives –  There are a number of different objectives that we can work to maximise, such as clicks to website, conversions, page likes etc.
  • Competitors – We will work with you to identify your main competitors and help identify suitable targets.
  • Images –  Getting the right image is very important as it makes your ad stand out on the page. We will work with you to find the images that portray your brand the right way.
  • Ad Groups – Depending on your requirements you will need a certain amount of campaigns and ad groups. If you are not sure we can map these out after the initial consultation.
  • Reporting and Metrics – We will provide regular reporting of your results to show you how well things are going and what improvements have been made.

Why you can’t afford to not choose us

Where you spend your advertising budget can make or break your business. You need a passionate, energetic firm with measurable, real world experience to turn the raw potential of a billion Facebook users into real money in the bank. Magnetizmo has that and more.

Magnetizmo has worked with Facebook Ads since 2010 and boasts team members with experience in a wide range of industries such as IT, Telecoms, Hospitality, Retail, Accountancy, Dentistry and Manufacturing.

The real heart of Magentizmo is Zara Imrie who is an experienced Google Adwords Specialist and Google Partner. Along with these qualifications she has expertise spanning 15 years of business, holds an MBA and is a qualified accountant. She not only knows marketing, she knows how it fits in to a business, and what can happen when it isn’t right.