PPC Audit

Magnetizmo offers a DETAILED, QUALITY, IN-DEPTH audit of your AdWords or other pay-per-click campaign for £149, and a full analysis of what is and isn’t working for you so far. Better still, we’ll share our expertise by making suggestions on how you can improve your results, cut costs, and generally improve your performance on your own.

Of course, we’ll be happy to help you implement that advice as well, but we do have to charge for that too ;)

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The service that we offer includes:

Full auditing of each aspect of your Adwords campaign, including:

  • Account setup and structure
  • Advert text and performance
  • Keyword selection, match types and negative keywords.
  • Site links and call extensions
  • Conversion tracking

Magnetizmo will provide a full report highlighting areas where improvements are needed, and advice on how to achieve them.

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