Check Out These Tools to Make Facebook Marketing Easier

Facebook has become the unrivalled platform to bridge social media and online advertising. Already an indispensable tool for branding, the social giant becomes a better channel for paid ads every year. It’s not without its challenges, though.

While Google’s AdWords manages to add new features and still be relatively easy to use, Facebook is a little harder to manage. But today we’ve got some tools to make the entire process easier.



Facebook’s targeting options are immense, constantly raising the bar for Google to keep up with. Custom Audiences are undoubtedly one of the best targeting options available on Facebook and tech firm Driftrock has a tool to make them even more effective.

Flow automatically syncs, expands and refreshes your Facebook Custom Audiences – not only saving you time but keeping them up-to-date and always relevant. You can use the tool to manage your existing lists faster or find new people to expand your reach.


Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse isn’t just designed for Facebook, it’s a fully fledged social media management tool that improves your workflow on every network. You can schedule and publish, track social activity and even monitor your rivals to see how they’re doing.

You get detailed reports on everything – not only to see how your Facebook strategy is performing but also how it fits in with your other social platforms.



Facebook ads are getting better every year but the fact you have to manually create them can be a bit of a chore. ShortStack takes a chunk of that process out of the equation. You can use it to create visually engaging ads, landing pages and contests for Facebook and other social networks.

Once again, you get reports on how each of these is performing so you’re not only relying on the insights Facebook has to offer.



With the constant changes to Facebook’s News Feed, it gets increasingly difficult to know how your Facebook Pages are performing. LikeAlyzer puts that power back at your fingertips by allowing you to track performance – and also spot opportunities for improvement.



No matter how much Facebook advances, your social media efforts are only as good as your content. DrumUp is part social media, part content marketing tool to help you source the best topics for your audience. It also doubles up as a social management tool, cutting down on your workload for Facebook and other networks.

You also get apps for iPhone and Android so you can manage your social efforts on the go. There’s even a Chrome extension that allows you to schedule posts and discover new content within your browser – without even signing into the platform.


Google Analytics

And, finally, we can’t leave out Google Analytics. It’s amazing how many Facebook marketers overlook this tool, as if it’s some kind of sin to combine Google and Facebook platforms (we won’t tell if you don’t!). GA tells you precisely which Facebook links bring traffic to your site and generate real leads. You simply can’t do without that kind of insight and you should already be using Google Analytics for your non-Facebook antics anyway.


So there you go six tools to make your Facebook marketing efforts even more effective and easier to manage. Which means there’s no excuse for leaving the world’s favorite social network out of your social marketing efforts.


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