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What Kind of SERPs Are You Bidding and Ranking For?

Google SERPs have changed a lot over the years and now there are multiple types of results pages you could be bidding on or ranking for. Are your search terms going to pull up local results or paid ads; AMP articles or knowledge panels – or maybe even a mixture of different SERP features. This […]

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Google Updates Algorithm – Big Changes to SERPs for Local Searches

Funny things have been happening in Google’s local SERPs this month. More specifically, the 3-pack of results feeding from Google Maps for local searches are on the move. Many businesses have seen their listing disappear completely – or so it seemed. But what actually happened was a major reshuffle due to the latest Google algorithm […]

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Why SEO and PPC Are More Different than You Think

Once upon a time, there was a heated debate over whether SEO or PPC was the king of search success. These days, things are very different and any good search marketer will tell you it takes both to build a profitable search presence. The truth is SEO and PPC have never been all that similar. […]

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1 Magnetizmo- How to Improve Adwords 100% Using Negative Keywords

How to Improve AdWords 100% Using Adwords Negative Keywords

Is your adwords campaign struggling from a low click through rate? Are you wasting money on ads targeting vague or irrelevant keywords? Regain control over your Adwords campaign by adding negative keywords to stop showing ads to the wrong people. If you follow our series on Adwords Optimization Tips, you understand that we frequently encourage using negative […]

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