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Why SEO and PPC Are More Different than You Think

Once upon a time, there was a heated debate over whether SEO or PPC was the king of search success. These days, things are very different and any good search marketer will tell you it takes both to build a profitable search presence. The truth is SEO and PPC have never been all that similar. […]

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Separate Device Bids Now Rolling Out in AdWords

One of the most exciting headlines to come out of the Google Summit earlier this year was news of separate device bids. For years, advertisers have been left frustrated by not being able to set bid modifiers for the three most common device types. That’s all changing now after Google officially announced that separate device […]

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Google Changes Its Seller Rating Requirements – Are You Missing Out?

Google has changed the number of customer review you need to qualify for its seller rating program. Until the change, you needed 30 unique reviews from different customers in the past year to qualify. That was enough to get your business a rating out of five stars on your AdWords ads. However, now you’ll need […]

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Google Unveils New AdWords Products For Mobile

  After announcing mobile search has overtaken desktop in 10 countries, Google has announced a string of new AdWords products, geared towards smartphones users. Of course, we didn’t need Google to tell us mobile has overtaken desktop, but it was the perfect time to make it official before Jerry Dischler – Vice President of Product […]

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Google Adds Detailed Info To Shopping Search for Mobile

New Google Shopping Search Details for Mobile

Hey my friends, in the spirit of all things festive and just a few days left until Black Friday, the new Google Shopping Search Details for Mobile. Type in one of your favourite products on your smartphone, click the shopping tab and you’ll see a wealth of new information displayed with products. As of this […]

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