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Google Drops Exact Match Only Keywords From Adwords- Magnetizmo

Google Exact Match Only Keywords Dropped From AdWords

Google will remove one of its keyword features from AdWords that allows users to exclude their ads from searches using keyword variations. Until now, marketers have been able to choose between two options that either include plurals, spelling mistakes and similar words or only display for the Google Exact Match keyword match. Advertisers will no […]

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Magnetizmo- Bing Introduces 3 More Features to Its Paid Ads Service

Bing Ads: New Interface and Improved Features

When Google releases new AdWords features or updates, everybody talks about it. The search world is dominated by one engine, but it’s worth remembering that there are other providers out there with enough users to warrant your attention. Bing is estimated to pull in almost 350,000,000 unique visitors every month and its working hard to […]

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Google Rolls Out Free Dynamic Site links For Adwords- Magnetizmo

Google Rolls Out Free Dynamic Sitelinks For AdWords

Google has announced the introduction of dynamic sitelinks for AdWords – and best of all they are completely free! Sitelinks are automatically generated links that appear underneath your ad text, enabling targeted users to go straight to relevant content on your site. Google describes the move as a way to “enhance this user experience by […]

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How To Boost Your Business With A Tight PPC Budget

Marketing on a small budget is daunting for any business owner. You don’t have the financial clout to throw money at advertisements that don’t work, so it’s vital your marketing strategy hits a high success rate. However, a study by WordStream shows that small businesses waste an average of 25% of their PPC budget on poor tactics. […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Google's New Adwords Policies

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New AdWords Policies

Google announced this week that it will launch “new and improved” AdWords Policy Center in September. We’re told the changes will make policies more accessible and user-friendly for marketers and business owners. There’s no specific launch date, but the current AdWords policies will continue until sometime “around September” – when the new policy centre launches. […]

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PPC Piggy bank image

5 Reasons To Rethink Your PPC Budget

Last year the State of Paid Search found that 72% of businesses planned to spend more on PPC in 2014. With growing concern over SEO and Google updates, paid search returns to the front of online marketing strategies – and PPC tops the list. Google AdWords remains the dominant force in paid search, where businesses […]

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