Retailers Now Testing Promoted Places on Google Maps

All the way back in March 2016 Google announced promoted pins would be making their way to Google Maps. We reported the news right away but there’s been a long wait to see these things [...]

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Google: We’re Switching to Mobile-First Indexing

Google’s next big mobile shake-up is fast approaching and it’s raising a lot of questions from website owners. Google is switching to mobile-first indexing, meaning it will use the mobile version of your website to [...]

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AdWords Price Extension Get a Makeover, Appear on Desktop Too

Google only rolled out price extensions back in July this year (2016) but its already shaking things up. Apparently, Google isn’t happy with how it implemented the extensions on mobile ads and now its giving [...]

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Shopify Stores Can Now Sell Products in Facebook Messenger

You may have noticed Facebook and Shopify are getting pretty cosy these days. The biggest name in social media wants to claim its place in eCommerce and it obviously thinks Shopify is the platform to [...]

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AdWords: New Message Extensions Are Here to Boost CTRs

It’s that time again folks: Google has hit us with a new ad extension and this one is looking very interesting indeed. As part of the whole mobile-first search experience, Google has rolled out message [...]

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