AdWords Price Extension Get a Makeover, Appear on Desktop Too

Google only rolled out price extensions back in July this year (2016) but its already shaking things up. Apparently, Google isn’t happy with how it implemented the extensions on mobile ads and now its giving them a completely new format.

Meanwhile, it also seems the search giant is testing the new version on desktop SERPs, raising yet more questions about the future of Google indexing and the way it shows ads to users.

Price extensions’ new look

If you’ve been using price extensions since July, then you’ll be used to seeing ads like this:



Don’t get too attached though, because a growing number of advertisers are seeing something very different from their ads using price extensions.

So, instead of the static table layout we first saw from price extensions, Google’s new format puts them in a swipeable cards layout. It certainly looks more like Google’s other mobile implementations and you have to say it stands out more than the old version too.

Hopefully, this means higher CTRs as a result (which is normally Google’s motive) but we’ll have to see how they perform over the coming months. Any jump in CTRs will come at the expense of other ads showing in the same set of results, of course – so keep an eye on your own data for ads using price extensions, but be aware of cases where you’ll be competing against them.

Google also testing price extensions on desktop?

Since advertisers first spotted the new price extensions format there’s been a new discovery: Google also appears to be testing them on desktop. Full credit goes to Conrad O’Connell from who spotted what looks like price extensions on Airbnb ads:

*Credit: Conrad O’Connell at


This is an interesting move from Google – one that could reinforce its push towards a mobile-first indexing. In this case, pages will be indexed on their mobile performance first but could this also mean mobile-designed ad extensions display on desktop by default as well?

This would cause some potential conflict between campaigns optimised for different devices but Google is clearly putting its emphasis on mobile first and everything else second. A simple enough solution would be to set mobile-first options as default but allow advertisers to specify for desktop when they need to.

Of course, this could just mean Google is considering price extensions for desktop as well as mobile, rather than any drastic shakeup to how it delivers ads across devices. But we already know the search giant is switching to mobile-first indexing and it makes sense that ad delivery will follow suit.

Either way, this doesn’t look like the end of the story on price extensions or other developments for Google SERPs – so stay tuned and keep an eye out for updates as we bring them to you.


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