AdWords: New Message Extensions Are Here to Boost CTRs

It’s that time again folks: Google has hit us with a new ad extension and this one is looking very interesting indeed. As part of the whole mobile-first search experience, Google has rolled out message extensions, which turn your ads into an instant point of contact for your target audience.

Much like Call extensions, the aim is to increase click-through rates from your ads but they also bring a new type of lead to the AdWords mix. So let’s take a closer look at what message extensions can bring to your mobile campaigns.

How to message extensions work?

Message extensions place a small tab at the bottom of your ads (mobile impressions only), which users can tap to send you an SMS text message.

Yes, we’re talking the old school days of mobile text messaging here, rather than apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. There’s no way Google could support the wide range of messaging apps people use, though, so this is the only logical option.

So tapping the message extension will open users’ chosen SMS app with your chosen message already typed out for them to send. What’s interesting here is you can have both call extensions and message extensions in the same add, giving users the option of choosing how they want to get in touch.

It will be interesting to see how CTRs compare between the two when both are available.

Message extensions are also customisable

Something else we really like about this is you can customise the text that appears on the extension. So you can put a call to action in there and make be sure it matches with the message of your ad. Let’s say your goal is to get people booking table reservations at your swanky restaurant. You can set your message extension text to something like: “Want to book a table? Text us now!” and wait for the bookings to roll in.

Better yet, you can choose the message people send and it automatically appears in their SMS app ready. This keeps things nice and consistent for users and saves them having to type anything out. For example, you can set your reservation message to “Do you have any free tables this evening?” and all users need to do is click send.

So that’s the low down on message extensions and we’re excited to see what kind of CTRs these things can generate. If you’re already using them, we’d love to hear your thoughts and, of course, you can always get in touch if you need a hand with setting up ad extensions.


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